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Present for teacher

by Ivan Zhadanov 14 Feb 2024

A teacher is a person who has played a huge role in each of our lives; be it a class teacher or a coach of a sports team. Of course, they deserve the best gifts for their birthday, Christmas, or any other occasion. We offer several ideas for a present for a teacher that will surely surprise and delight them.

What to give to your teacher

     When choosing a gift for a teacher, focus on their age, gender and hobbies. If you know their hobbies, let this be the starting point for finding a suitable gift. Depending on this, the present for a teacher may be:

  • A ticket to a concert of their favorite artist.
  • Tickets for a sports match.
  • A set of kitchen gadgets.
  • Sports equipment.
  • Subscription to concerts at the Philharmonic.
  • An interesting excursion to unknown places in the city.
  • Warm blanket made of natural wool.

     The teacher should not be given alcoholic drinks or jewelry. A good idea for a present for a teacher is a wooden puzzle that is sold in our store.

Features of our puzzles

     The collection contains many series. By collecting unique puzzles, you can, for example, get original author's paintings for an interior decoration, with different original shapes and bright colors. Each puzzle from the "Animals" series is made up of parts representing figures of animals, plants and birds. Putting them together, you can get an unusual and interesting picture. And the Cards series includes wooden card puzzles that turn into exquisite wall panels.

     All sets are packed in beautiful wooden boxes, so such puzzles can be considered an excellent present for a teacher. Buy wooden puzzles as a gift - these are stylish, original products that allow you to pleasantly surprise a person who means a lot to you.

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