Unidragon Puzzle Set for mounting puzzles Unidragon Puzzle Set for mounting puzzles
Set for mounting puzzles $19.99
For those who like to decorate their homes in unique ways. For those who want constant enjoyment from their assembled Unidragon wooden puzzle. We have a new set for mounting puzzles. Now you can easily turn your puzzle into a piece of interior decor for the home, office, or just about anywhere. Delight in a beautiful picture from our collection of figure puzzles, and it will attract a lot of attention from your guests. Our universal set for mounting puzzles works for any of the puzzles in our collection. The kit includes: A cardboard base for turning the puzzle over; Special stickers for attaching the base to the table; Adhesive labels for holding the puzzle pieces together (3 sheets); Adhesive patches for attaching the puzzle to the desired surface; Instructions. One set alone will allow you to hang up to 6 Small puzzles, 3 Medium puzzles, or 3 King Size puzzles. How does it work? 1. It's very simple. 2. Put the puzzle together on the table. 3. Open the set for mounting puzzles. 4. With the help of the cardboard base, turn the puzzle upside down. 5. Apply the adhesive labels. Cut the excess label from the sides. 6. Apply the adhesive patches to the film. 7. Fix to the wall. 8. That's it. Enjoy your extraordinary, bright, and lush pictures from Unidragon.   100% Moneyback Guarantee We take pride in providing quality products and carefully inspect products before shipment. In the rare case that the item is faulty, damaged during transit, or if you're not satisfied with your order, please contact us for details on how to get a refund or replacement.