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I’m David. I’m 38, married and I have two kids. Once I’ve been searching for something that would be handy for me to have a good pastime with my wife and kids on Friday evening. You know, with this overwork and boss, and stuff, I tormented myself for not spending a proper amount of time with my dears.

Since I had no time to create something funny and unusual I had to think fast. Every day I worked in a “burning” mode and arranging something great and adventurous with all this pressure, stress out and no-time mode during my work seemed like “mission impossible” to me.

So, during my small breaks at work I started googling to find some good, smart and simple entertainment for my kids. Helen, my wife, fixed a date for the evening. At first, I thought about buying a monopoly or some other board games. But this board game stuff was so boring for my little ones. I reckoned kids not gonna enjoy this so much.

Quest was out of question too, as I didn’t find anything suitable for kids of my age (Michael is 7, Linda is 6). All these quest stuff had age limits and that was not OK for my guys. They’re not ready for this yet))

Fishing and paintball - no way… too far, too difficult, too busy for this. They really enjoy fishing, though. Once I took them to the lake and it was an unforgettable day! I thought about camping first… like, for one night or something. But no, again. I was gonna be busy at the weekend. Me and Helen planned some stuff to do.

Last thing I thought was arcade games… hey, but that’s not so cool, huh? Everyone takes their kids to the arcade in the shopping mall. I am not an exception)) I took them there two weeks ago. They won’t get it. Gotta find something else...

And that’s how I endlessly googled “how to entertain your kids on Friday”. I saw different options and ways but they did not suit my request - this gotta be something smart, simple and easy to do. But I still was searching because time kept running out, Friday was approaching and I still had nothing…

I almost lost any hope when suddenly I came across Unidragon. I was just endlessly surfing the net when I saw an ad on some website. I followed the link and that’s where I got this “THAT’S IT” moment!

The name of the brand comes from “Unicorn” and “Dragon”. Two magic creatures. Indeed, they added some magic into my evening and in my relationships with my wife and kids. Thank you, guys!

I made an online order. A manager quickly called me back to confirm the details. Their product cost me $99.95 only. Not a big deal, huh…The delivery took only two days, I asked them to send me this one before Friday. On Thursday morning I signed a document with a delivery guy and got my package.

So, these guys sell creative wooden 3D puzzles which bring real joy and excitement when putting their details together. There are different pictures there. I chose a lion which you can see in the picture below. Yeah, I am kinda… extraordinary guy)))

Wooden jigsaw puzzle «mysterious lion» in box

So, it’s Friday evening and a “Honey, I’m home” moment. Kids running up to me waiting for the surprise. I took out the box and they felt fantastic! Michael quickly grabbed up the kit and escaped to his room. Kids, you know)))

The whole collection process was just amazing! We laughed and joked… and kids were so engaged in this activity, they even forgot about me and the time. I took a chance to talk to my wife and finally spend time with her. She was totally happy! So, I kinda killed two birds with one stone. Well, I don’t want to kill them… but sometimes I do… anyway))

I joined my kids and helped them a little when they were too puzzled. I personally liked the sensation of wood in my fingers and the feeling when you put several pieces together and start seeing a new picture. It’s like, this 3D model starts getting “alive” in your own eyes. It’s so bright, vivid and colourful, you can’t help but wait until you finish the whole story.

And Tadaaa….! We’ve made it. You can see the result we got in the picture below.

Assembly of the wooden jigsaw puzzle «mysterious lion»
Assembly of the wooden jigsaw puzzle «mysterious lion» in progress
Assembled wooden jigsaw puzzle «mysterious lion»

No words to describe the happiness of my little ones! They really enjoyed the time with me and putting this puzzle together. They asked me to put it in a wooden frame after we finished it. Luckily, I had some junk in the garage and I found some planks. I made a frame and gave kids some paint to colour it. Fancy! Now we got a beautiful decoration in the stairwell. That’s a real eye delight! Everyone was happy!

Anyway, it was a perfect evening. Now kids keep on asking me when I’m gonna bring them a new Unidragon))) I am now choosing between a fox and an owl now. Guys, which one do you like more? Can you share in the comments? Help me out to choose)))

Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Alluring Fox Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Charming Owl

So, Undragon, you’re awesome. Thanks a lot for such a great evening I spent with my family! Strongly recommend it to anyone having a family and wanting to make a simple surprise for your dearest ones.

If you want to have a really good experience in playing with your kids or you wanna just relax and drift away from your job stuff, being fancy puzzled - Unidragon is exactly what you need! Guys follow this link to see what they got … You’re not gonna regret it!


Cheers everyone! Hope you have a great day!