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11yo boy present

by Ivan Zhadanov 16 Feb 2024

     At the age of 11, adolescents begin to show character and assert themselves. They are not yet adults, but they are no longer small children, so when choosing a gift for any occasion, it is important to take their opinion into account. But at the same time, parents should choose a gift that will not only be fun but also safe. Here are some tips for choosing a present for an 11 year old boy.

Tips for choosing a gift

     A birthday should be a fun and memorable day. One that the boy will remember not only for the nice party and their guests, but also because of the nice gifts. Here are a few ideas for birthday gifts for a growing up boy:

  • Wireless headphones.
  • A SUP board.
  • A drone.
  • Skates.
  • A telescope.
  • An illuminated globe.
  • A gyroscooter.
  • Virtual reality glasses.

     You need to pick a gift thoughtfully, and not simply choose the first one from the list. Try to focus on the child's hobbies, character and interests. However, there are also some universal options that would be a great gift for anyone, without exception. These are board games that the whole family can play together. Children at the age of 11 are often lacking communication and some quality time spent together with their family. Among these games are the three-dimensional wooden puzzles offered by our online store.

Game features

     The main feature of the jigsaw puzzles from our collection is that they are all made of wood. Why this material is better:

  • Environmentally friendly, there are no toxic impurities in the composition.
  • Aesthetic appearance thanks to the texture of natural wood.
  • Hypoallergenic, puzzles do not cause allergic reactions.
  • Long service life - the solved puzzles can be disassembled and reassembled more than once, this will not affect the appearance of wooden parts in any way.

     The sets are packed in beautiful boxes, which are also made of natural wood. The collection contains many series - from images of animals and unique paintings to 3D-puzzles that assemble into various models of cars, ships, and motorcycles. This is a great gift idea for an 11 year old, a present that is original, intelligent and entertaining at the same time.

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