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11yo girl present

by Ivan Zhadanov 26 Feb 2024

     11 years is still childhood, but already the beginning of the transition to adolescence. This is the time when a girl is equally interested in toys and gadgets. Choosing a gift for a princess who is already trying to form her own opinion in everything is not easy. Our selection will help you do this and not get it wrong. Here are some tips for choosing a present for an 11 year old girl.

Gift Ideas

     In order for a girl to like a gift at the age of 11, you need to try to maintain a delicate balance and choose something that is not obviously a child’s present but also not quite an adult one. This task may seem difficult, but if you carefully consider the interests and hobbies of a young lady, you can find a gift that will truly delight her. This, for example, can be:

  • A canopy for her bed.
  • An ice cream maker.
  • A mannequin for hairstyles.
  • An interior screen.
  • A personalized dressing gown.
  • A LED curtain for the window.
  • A hoverboard.
  • A popcorn making machine.
  • A pillow - night light.

     Another gift option to consider is board games. At the age of 11, a girl really needs the care and attention of her parents and loved ones, even if she does not admit it. Getting together over a board game is a great idea for family fun. Among the types of games that would suit, for example, are three-dimensional wooden puzzles offered by our online store.

Features of wooden puzzles

     Puzzles made entirely of wood are an interesting, addictive game that can also be an original gift. Their main features:

  • Made of natural wood, they are environmentally friendly and there are no harmful components in the composition.
  • There are no allergic substances; the puzzles can be presented to allergy sufferers.
  • The puzzles will last a long time thanks to the durability of wood.
  • There are many different sets in the collection - from signature paintings, which can be made into a wall decoration, to 3D figures.

     Puzzles are presented in a natural wooden packaging. This makes them an original present for an 11 year old girl. They will delight the birthday girl, especially if she loves originality. In addition, it is an intelligent educational game that stimulates logical thinking and creative imagination.

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