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12yo girl present

by Ivan Zhadanov 22 Feb 2024

     12 years is the age of transition from childhood to adolescence. This is a period when girls are less and less interested in toys, and become more interested in gadgets and makeup. It is not easy to choose a gift for the growing up princess, who already has her own opinion on everything. Our selection will help you choose the right gift, since we have collected the best tips and options for gifts for 12 year old girls.

Ideas for a gift

     In order for a 12 year old girl to like her gift, it has to be something not very childish but, at the same time, not too adult. This task may seem daunting, but if you carefully consider the interests and hobbies of the birthday girl, you can find a gift that will definitely make her happy. For example, some of the options are:

  • A unique umbrella.
  • An ice cream maker.
  • A jumpsuit.
  • An interior privacy screen.
  • A hair dryer with thermal protection.
  • Glowing sneakers.
  • An unusual table lamp.
  • A night light pillow.
  • A keyboard.
  • An intelligent notebook.

     Another gift option is some interesting board games. At the age of 12, girls really need the attention of their loved ones, even if they do not openly admit it and act rebellious. Gathering the whole family for a board game night is a great idea for spending some quality time together. You can play a combination of various games, such as, for example, three-dimensional wooden jigsaw puzzles that can be purchased in our online store.

Jigsaw puzzle features

     Jigsaw puzzles are made entirely of wood, and make for a fun game that can be a great and original present for a 12 year old girl. Their main features are:

  • They are made of environmentally friendly wood; there are no harmful components in the composition.
  • No allergenic substances.
  • They last a long time due to the durability of the wooden material.
  • There are many various sets – from designer paintings, which can serve as an unusual wall decoration, to 3D shapes.

     Puzzles come in natural wooden packaging. This makes them a cool and original gift for a 12 year old girl. Any birthday girl will love this gift, especially if she values original and unique things. In addition, the puzzles are educational and stimulate logical thinking and creative imagination.

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