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14yo boy present

by Ivan Zhadanov 15 Feb 2024

     14 is a difficult age in the life of both the child and their parents. During this period, boys begin to feel more independent, and they are not always keen to obey their teachers and parents. In adolescence, it is very important not to scold your teen, but rather to spend more time with them – not just teaching, but playing together and having heart-to-heart conversations. We have picked out some gifts for 14 year old boys that can help you achieve this.

Birthday gifts for boys

     The main goal of giving your 14 year old a gift is to please them, and show them that their parents also share in their hobbies and are ready to support them. Here is the list of some of these gift options:

  • An electric scooter.
  • A game console.
  • A subscription to online video streaming services.
  • Tickets to a concert of their favorite artist.
  • A jumpsuit or some other original clothing.
  • A new computer chair.
  • Sports accessories and items if they are into sports.
  • Some posters for your teenager's room.

     In order to spend some more quality time together, we recommend getting some exciting board games. They can be not only entertaining, but also educational for your 14 year old. For example, wooden jigsaw puzzles offered by our store. If parents and kids play together, they are guaranteed to have a fun time and strengthen their family bond.

Features of the puzzles

     We offer jigsaw puzzles with parts made of natural wood. The packaging is also made of wood, so the gift for your 14 year old boy will look very elegant. There are several series in our collection, including:

  • World maps made of wood. Once assembled, they can be used as wall panels, the kits have everything you need to create home decorations.
  • Fantastic animals – puzzles that make original images of animals and birds.
  • Themed series featuring dinosaurs, buildings, sports, stars, animals, holidays – each one of these series has some great kits for teens.

     Spend time with your teen, play and talk with them, and this difficult period will soon come to an end.

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