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17yo girl present

by Ivan Zhadanov 13 Feb 2024

17 years is the age when young girls finish school and go to college, and some already get a job. This is the time to say goodbye to your childhood, and determine your priorities and directions for growth – choose a profession. But at the same time, this is the age when you want to stand out from the crowd, be original and different. Here are some great ideas for a gift for a 17 year old girl that you might find interesting.

What to give a 17 year old girl

     Of course, in order to choose the right gift, you need to have some idea about the hobbies and lifestyle of the girl in question. Also, do not forget that a 17-year-old girl is no longer a child, so it is better not to get her gifts designed for little girls, like soft toys. Here are some good ideas for a present for a 17 year old girl:

  • A photo session in surroundings that match the character and interests of the girl.
  • An anti-stress pillow.
  • A home exerciser.
  • Gift certificate to a clothes or makeup store.
  • Stylish jewelry.
  • A professional stylist workshop.
  • A makeup mirror
  • A jewelry box.

     Each of these gifts can be complemented with a set of unique wooden puzzles offered by our store.

Features of our puzzles

     Wooden puzzles are an exciting game at any age that helps develop imagination, logic, and a sense of beauty. Puzzles can also be a great gift because they are made of natural wood.

     These are not your usual cardboard puzzles that assemble into standard shapes, every image we offer has been made by an original artist. Putting them together is fun and in the end you get a nice art piece. Another advantage of our puzzles is premium quality natural wood packaging. A 17 year old girl will definitely like this amazing gift.

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