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$30 Christmas present

by Ivan Zhadanov 09 Feb 2024

Choosing a memorable gift for Christmas to close people, friends, colleagues is always a difficult task, especially on a limited budget. However, small budget does not mean that the present should be boring and banal, because there are a lot of opportunities to come up with a $30 Christmas present.

What a present can be like

     It is not so difficult to buy a present for a loved one, even with a limited budget, because you can simply limit yourself to a souvenir in the form of a symbol of the year. It is much more difficult to choose an inexpensive gift that is not your general present, but will bring joy. What can you focus on when making a choice?

  • Almost every hobby involves the purchase of accessories, equipment for practicing it. For example, if the addressee paints pictures, then a new paint or a brush made of a unique material can become a gift.
  • Accessories for recreation and entertainment. Today, many unusual items are produced that allow you to have some quality time. These are, for example, slankets or thermal cups that you can take on a picnic, on a winter walk or on a trip.
  • Trinkets that are not necessary, but create an atmosphere of comfort. For a girl, it can be, for example, a charming stand for rings in the form of a rabbit, for a man — special stones for cooling alcoholic beverages in a glass.

General presents

     All these options assume a close acquaintance with the recipient of a New Year's gift and knowledge of what they are fond of. And what if you don't actually know someone, and yet you have to give them a present that they might enjoy at this most wonderful time of the year? Several options of a general $30 XMAS present for any gender and age:

  • Original Christmas tree decoration.
  • Elite tea or coffee in the original packaging.
  • Beautiful garland.
  • Сup with a Christmas drawing.

     Another general $30 XMAS present is puzzles, but not your ordinary boring puzzles – original puzzles, made of wood, involving the assembly of non-standard images that may as well become wall decorations. Such sets are sold in our store — unique customized paintings in gift packages, wooden wall maps that might become an excellent, original, but at the same time an inexpensive Christmas gift.

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