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$50 Christmas present

by Ivan Zhadanov 11 Feb 2024

 If the New Year is approaching, and you have not decided what to give to your friends and family — it is not a reason to panic and buy things in a hurry that will be forgotten the next day. For any amount, you can choose a memorable gift that will not leave its recipient indifferent. We suggest several options of a $50 Christmas present – ideas and tips on how to choose an unusual gift with a limited budget.

Sources for ideas

     To give a person a present that they would like to get takes getting to know them better. A source of inspiration can be:

  • For example, if your addressee loves sports and is actively engaged in it, then they will definitely be pleasantly surprised when they receive a subscription from you to visit a gym near their house or a new fitness equipment.
  • If a person is fond of cinema and is familiar with all the novelties of cinema, then they will be happy to accept a subscription to an online cinema from you.
  • For example, if a person can't imagine waking up without coffee, then they will definitely be happy to get a new coffee machine.

     Another source of ideas for $50 XMAS present, relevant not only for your nearest and dearest, but also for looser acquaintances, can be entertainment and leisure. Present a board game — for example, unique wooden puzzles that our online store offers.

Puzzles as a present

     All the details of our puzzles are made of wood. This is a natural material that does not contain allergenic impurities, so puzzles can be used by young children. Other game features:

  • No flat, but three-dimensional images, as with cardboard analogues.
  • Packaging made of natural wood. Such sets will make an excellent $50 XMAS present.
  • Details made of wood are durable, pictures can be assembled several times and disassembled again.

     Puzzles is an educational game not only for children, but also for adults. Small kids are offered pictures that consist of big details. They help recognize shapes of objects, develop fine motor skills and form the imagination. For older children and adults, we offer difficult puzzles. They consist of a large number of small parts, and their assembly requires ingenuity. Puzzles are a great reason to spend the evenings during the Christmas holidays together with the whole family, and they make a useful and developmental pastime!

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