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17yo boy present

by Ivan Zhadanov 17 Feb 2024

     17 years is the time when some young people graduate from school and go to college, and others already have a job at that age. This is the age when you say goodbye to your childhood, and it’s time to set your life goals and priorities. But at the same time, this is the age when you want to stand out, be original, not like the others. We have collected some ideas for a present for a 17 year old boy for you to look at.

What to give a 17 year old boy

     Of course, in order to choose a gift, you need to have an idea about their hobbies and lifestyle. Also do not forget that a young man at the age of 17 is no longer a child, so it is better to forget about gifts fit for children and adolescents, such as remote-controlled cars etc. Here are some ideas for a present for a 17 year old boy:

  • A high quality wristwatch.
  • A drone.
  • An electric scooter.
  • A travel backpack.
  • A gaming computer mouse.
  • A new basketball or a soccer ball.
  • A go-karting certificate.
  • A stand-up paddle board certificate.

     Unique puzzles offered by our store can be a good addition to any of these gifts.

Features of our puzzles

     A good way to spend leisure time with your family, friends or girlfriend is to solve jigsaw puzzles – not the ordinary cardboard ones, but good quality puzzles made of natural wood that is very beautiful and stylish. You can pick sets for any age, and find a perfect gift for a 17 year old boy. For example, you can pick:

  • Designer paintings, which require logic and quick thinking to assemble.

  • 3D images and figures of such things as machines or buildings.

  • Maps of the world made from different types of wood, which are attached to the padding and can be an original decoration of the interior.

     Each set’s parts and packaging are made of wood, so these puzzles will make for a wonderful present for a 17 year old boy’s birthday, graduation or during Christmastime. We guarantee that the young man will have a great time and a lot of fun solving our puzzles!

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