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by Ivan Zhadanov 06 Feb 2024

The avian world has a resplendent variety of representatives large and small, melodious and reserved, with plumage of every conceivable color. Learning about these marvels of the animal kingdom can be much more fun with the help of our wooden "Bird” puzzles. These are sets for children that come in a wide range of bird species and can easily be assembled into a stylish collection.

Puzzle Features

     What sets our puzzles apart is the ability to build three-dimensional figures from them that can be used to decorate a room, round out an arts and crafts collection, or simply as a toy. They differ from run-of-the-mill cardboard puzzles in the following ways:

  • Large pieces make them much more accessible for children;
  • Natural wood is a strong and durable material, which means your puzzle can be assembled and disassembled hundreds of times;
  • All of the pieces are environmentally friendly and contain no harmful additives, which makes them 100% safe for people who suffer from allergies;

     The use of natural wood in our puzzle sets makes them an exceptional choice for young children, and our “Bird” puzzles are designed for kids of all ages. They will help your little one develop perseverance and critical thinking skills while teaching them all about the amazing world of birds.

Other Puzzles from Our Catalog

     All of the puzzles in our catalog are made of wood, as are the boxes they are shipped in. Our sets are sturdy and 100% eco-friendly, which makes them an easy choice for a memorable gift, and we have many puzzles available in addition to our “Birds” series, including reptiles, fish, fairy-tale animals, and much more. After putting our puzzles together, you get an original painting (designed by us!) that can be hung on the wall as an interior decoration.

     Each puzzle dedicated to the animal kingdom is assembled from pieces that resemble individual figurines of animals, birds, and plants. When everything is in its place, the final product is truly spectacular. You can also find video guides that demonstrate how to assemble each puzzle on our web site. Check them out to see just how much fun this classic pastime can be! Our wooden puzzles can certainly be enjoyed alone, but they also make a one-of-a-kind gift for children, family, and friends. Our exclusive products spark the imagination, promote logical thinking, and are 100% environmentally friendly.

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