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by Ivan Zhadanov 06 Feb 2024

 In a quite literal sense, puzzles are child's play. Adults can also enjoy puzzles, of course, but the first puzzles were created as a children's toy to encourage critical thinking and offer an engaging way to spend free time. It is no coincidence that we offer a wide variety of sets designed for children on our online store, and we have combined them all into our children’s puzzle series for your convenience.

Puzzle Features

     All of the puzzles in our store are made of natural wood, an environmentally friendly material that contains no harmful additives. It is well established that wooden toys are an excellent choice for young children because they are non-toxic and do not trigger allergic reactions. On top of that, wood is a strong, durable material that has a long shelf life.

     All of our puzzles are shipped in wooden boxes. They can be presented as a gift to a single child or a group of children, for example, at a kindergarten or elementary school. Our puzzles are engaging and memorable gifts for children that enjoy problem solving or tasks that require spatial logic. Another key feature of our children’s wooden jigsaw puzzles is the fact that they can be assembled to produce a 3D figurine and not a flat, motionless picture. They can easily become the cornerstone of a curious child's craft collection or even a favorite toy.

Puzzles for Kids

     While simplicity is an important hallmark of our children's puzzles, this does not mean that assembling them is effortless. Any child will have to put their thinking caps on to find the correct orientation for each piece and complete the puzzle, and an adult's help is a great way to enhance their learning experience. That said, all of the puzzles from this collection have been specifically designed in the following ways to be accessible for children:

  • Large images or three-dimensional figures provide a clear picture of what must be done;
  • The big pieces are easy for little hands to manipulate;
  • The number of pieces is intentionally limited as to not overwhelm little puzzlers;

     Jigsaw puzzles can also offer a novel and fun approach to traditional learning. For example, our “Alphabet” series is meant to teach young children their letters and sounds. You can also help your child get to know the names of animals and birds, colors, and build their spatial logic by joining them in this classic pastime. It’s easy to turn the fun of puzzle building into an educational activity.

     All of the puzzles from our children's series are designed for children of different age ranges. The collection includes sets for both young children who are just starting to learn their letters and numbers and school-age children. Our consultants will be happy to help you find a set that suits the age and interests of your child, so try one of our puzzles today!

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