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by Ivan Zhadanov 06 Feb 2024

The dolphin is an enchanting creature. It is said that dolphins speak a language that they alone can understand, and legends say they are able to heal diseases and understand human speech. Now, a playful, mischievous dolphin can splash its way into your home after you put it together with one of our wooden “Dolphin” puzzle sets, available on our online store.

Puzzle Characteristics

     The puzzles in this series are all three-dimensional. They’re several steps up from traditional cardboard puzzles because you can put them together to make realistic, durable models for your home arts and crafts collection. Another distinctive feature of our sets is the use of wood for both the pieces and the packaging.

  • Wood is an environmentally friendly material that is 100% safe to use. Even people who suffer from allergies can enjoys hours of entertainment with our wooden puzzles, as our products contain no harmful additives;
  • The puzzles are very durable, and they can be assembled and disassembled hundreds of times for years to come;
  • Each puzzle also comes in an elegant wooden box, which makes our sets great gift options for any occasion;

     On top of that, 3D puzzles are an educational activity that will teach a child perseverance, develop their fine motor skills and help fuel their imagination. They also make stylish and original interior decorations.

"Dolphin” Puzzle

     Our “Dolphin” puzzles can be assembled to form a highly realistic copy of this captivating sea creature. They are part of our wider catalog of jigsaw puzzles dedicated to domestic and wild animals, birds and fish. With the wide variety of puzzles we offer, it’s easy to collect a whole menagerie right in your home!

     We also offer other sets of wooden puzzles, from original paintings assembled from uniquely shaped pieces to thematic collections dedicated to buildings, sports, vehicles, and much more. You can also find maps of countries and world atlases that you can assemble yourself and come equipped with everything you need to turn a finished puzzle into an exclusive interior decoration.

     Our puzzles are more demanding than traditional cardboard puzzles, but getting the hang of 3D puzzle building is easy to do and fun for all ages. You can find videos on our web site to help you tackle each and every puzzle we sell! Try out one of our one-of-a-kind wooden puzzles today for your own family fun, or give one as a gift!
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