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Father’s day present

by Ivan Zhadanov 11 Feb 2024

 The third Sunday of June is a special day when all children hug their dads, tell them how they love them and give them gifts. Happy dads are looking forward to this day, so the gifts for them should be unique, not like those that are presented on other holidays. We suggest some unusual ideas for a Father's day present.

What to give Dad for Father's day

     If a woman can be always made happy with a certificate to a cosmetics and perfume store, it might be difficult to choose a present for a man. The main thing that you need to focus on is that the gift can really please and surprise. Some examples of such presents:

  • High-pressure washer for motorists.
  • Beard trimmer for those who have beards.
  • Electric massager for the neck, especially if dad has a sedentary job.
  • Set for a sauna, if dad is a fan of hot steam.
  • Electric thermos with heating, if dad travels for work a lot.
  • Computer glasses for eye protection during work.
  • Membership to a gym or a swimming pool near the house.

     There are also general gifts that any father will like, because they will allow him to spend more time with his family and children. These are, for example, wooden puzzles from the collection of our online store.

Characteristics of puzzles

     Puzzles from our catalog are three-dimensional. They can be used to make 3D models of equipment (cars, motorcycles, ships), and not just ordinary pictures, as from traditional cardboard ones. Another feature is the use of wood for both puzzles and packaging.

  • This is an eco-friendly material that will not harm your health. The tree is used even for allergies, because there are no harmful substances.
  • The figures can be disassembled and reassembled, the puzzles are durable.
  • The packaging of sets is also made of wood, so the puzzles can be considered a very worthy Father's day present.

     Three-dimensional puzzles are a great game for the whole family, which, moreover, allows you to create original interior decorations. These are, for example, maps of the world or individual countries — a very stylish element of the design of the room.

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