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by Ivan Zhadanov 06 Feb 2024

 Choosing a gift is often a daunting task. A standout gift should be unique, useful, and memorable so that it doesn’t wind up in a pile, and an original solution to this classic problem is the wooden puzzles on our online store, which make incredible gifts for loved ones, relatives, friends, colleagues, or even business partners.

Giving Puzzles as a Gift

     At first, giving a jigsaw puzzle as a gift can seem a bit weird. When you look at an ordinary cardboard puzzle, the last thing you’re probably thinking is “Wow! What an obvious choice!” However, we are offering something very different, namely wooden puzzles that are sophisticated and stylish. What makes them such a great choice of present, you ask?

  • Environmentally friendly natural materials. Wood with a uniquely beautiful texture adds a layer of aesthetic charm to even the simplest picture;
  • Each puzzle comes in an elegant wooden box, which makes presenting them as a gift as easy as can be;
  • Our wide variety of available collections – you can find puzzles for any age range on our online store;
  • Wooden pieces that (unlike cardboard ones) will last a long time, reminding the recipient of your generosity for years to come;

     Puzzles are more than just fun for the whole family; they’re also an intellectually stimulating activity that requires perseverance, ingenuity, patience, and logic. The gift of a puzzle will not only be stylish and entertaining – it will be useful as well.

Our Collection

     We offer a variety of wooden puzzles for people of all ages.

  • Thematic collections for children and adolescents. These puzzles are dedicated to animals, birds, trees, trains, cars, sports, and many other themes. These sets come in a variety of models for everyone from babies (featuring large pieces and bright colors) to teenagers;
  • Map puzzles of continents or individual countries. Each map set comes with special devices for mounting the puzzles as wall panels to create an original and stylish piece of interior décor;
  • Original paintings assembled from uniquely shaped pieces in the form of birds, animals, plants, and more;

     We also offer 3D puzzles that make a great addition to a home arts and crafts collection and are favorites among children. You can find video guides demonstrating how to assemble each and every puzzle we offer on our web site.

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