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Good birthday present

by Ivan Zhadanov 14 Feb 2024

A birthday is a holiday when each of us receives special gifts. However, it often turns out that our hopes are not fulfilled, and instead of getting original presents, we are given just regular trinkets. How do you choose a birthday present for a loved one so that you can say that it is a good birthday present?

How do you choose a gift?

     What should you focus on, when choosing a gift so that it is well received and surprises and delights the receiver?

  • The hobbies of the recipient: Almost every hobby involves the purchase of some kind of accessory or necessary equipment, for example, if the receiver paints, then an easel can be a good gift, and if they love music - a set of rare vinyl records.
  • Various items for recreation and entertainment. Today, many unusual accessories are produced that allow you to make your vacation a little bit better - for example, cozy blankets with sleeves or thermos cups that you can take with you to a picnic in cool weather or on a trip.
  • Trinkets that can create a cozy atmosphere. For a girl, this could be, for example, a charming stand for rings, in the shape of rabbit ears, or for a man; stones for cooling whiskey.

     In addition, the gift should be original, such as wooden puzzles from the collection of our store.

Features of our puzzles

     In the online store you can buy a variety of sets made from natural wood, in exquisite wood packaging. For children, we offer puzzles with images of animals, birds and plants. For adults; sets with intricate machinery, models of cars and motorcycles, and celestial bodies.

     In addition, the assortment includes a unique collection of wooden cards. They are assembled from separate parts, but fixed onto a cardboard backing, turning them into beautiful wall panels. These cards can be a great decoration piece for your home or work environment. You can definitely say that this gift is a good birthday present!

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