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by Ivan Zhadanov 06 Feb 2024

The horse is a symbol of tireless strength, independence, and an unwillingness to stay in one place for a long time. Anyone who respects these traits and enjoys spending their free time doing something interesting will get a kick out of our 3D “Horse” puzzles sets, which allow you to assemble a realistic model of this fantastic beast.

Puzzle Features

     Each set includes a large number of wooden pieces. By putting them together, you can create a realistic model of a horse, from a roaming stallion or a cute pony. We offer many models, all of which have the following common characteristics:

  • They are made of 100% natural wood;
  • They contain no harmful substances, are environmentally friendly and 100% safe for small children and people with allergies;
  • Both the pieces and the container are made of wood, which makes them a wonderful and exclusive gift;
  • The sets have a variety of different configurations. You can purchase sets with fewer, larger pieces for smaller children or more complex sets with smaller pieces for teenagers or adults;

     We offer both unpainted sets and sets in bright, festive colors. You can collect a fairy-tale steed ready to set off on an epic journey, or a compact, friendly horse you could find on a farm. Any past, present, or future horse lover would appreciate the level of detail and quality of our puzzles, all of which make a worthy addition to any arts and crafts collection.

Other Types of Puzzles

     Our catalog contains much more than our “Horse” puzzles; we also offer a variety of great sets for both children and adults alike:

  • Fantastic Animals. This series consists of puzzles with uniquely shaped pieces that can be assembled to reveal original designs of a range of birds and beasts;
  • Precious Wood World Maps. Once assembled, these maps can be used to decorate your interior, as the sets come with everything you need to create an exclusive and original mounted piece for your wall;
  • Thematic series for both children and adults featuring dinosaurs, stars, flowers, sports, puzzles with a holiday theme, and much more;

     Each set comes with detailed instructions and we also recommend checking out our web site, where you’ll find videos that will help tackle your puzzle building like a pro. We offer a wide variety of options for original gifts for family, friends or business partners, so take a crack at this classic pastime today!

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