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by Ivan Zhadanov 06 Feb 2024

 Ireland is a romantic and inviting country with picturesque landscapes, rocky seashores, and the sound of bagpipes crashing over emerald green pastures. Our “Ireland” puzzles (currently available on our online store!) make an excellent gift for anyone, whether they're simply dreaming of visiting the Emerald Isle or have already had the good fortune of seeing it for themselves.

Puzzle Features

     Unlike traditional 2D cardboard puzzles, our puzzles are designed to produce 3D models. They look like a real 3D map of Ireland with a textured surface and recognizable topography. A bit more on our puzzles:

  • they're eco-friendly and made of 100% natural materials;
  • their wooden texture enhances any finished puzzle and lends a sense of sophisticated style to the model;
  • they contain no harmful or toxic substances, which means they are 100% safe for use by children and people with allergies;

     All of our sets are produced and shipped in wooden boxes. This makes them a wonderful gift that can be safely given to both a business partner or an important client, as well as relatives, family, and friends.

Ireland Puzzle and Other Sets

     All of the puzzles from our "Maps” series include not only wooden pieces, but also special components to turn the finished product into a decorative wall-mounted panel. These components include a cardboard base and stickers for both affixing the wooden pieces to the base and mounting the map puzzle to a wall.

     Ireland is not the only destination available in our “Maps” series. We also offer maps of other continents and countries, as well as large maps of the world that can also be mounted on a wall to create a unique and stylish piece of decor. On top of all of that, we also offer a variety of themed sets for puzzle lovers of different ages. Dinosaurs, birds, houses and buildings, stars, animals, sports, and more – with our puzzles, you can assemble an exclusive collection that is easy to be proud of.

     Detailed assembly instructions are included with each set. You can also find videos demonstrating how to put the puzzles together on our website, so even first-time puzzlers will be able to quickly get a handle on this enjoyable and timeless pastime. Our puzzles are engaging, intellectual fun for the whole family or a group of friends!

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