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Nature puzzles

by Ivan Zhadanov 20 Feb 2024

     Making a wall panel with a beautiful nature or city landscape with your own hands and having a great time while assembling it – what can be better? You will love the nature puzzles from our online store collection. These are sets with several uniquely shaped wooden parts. By assembling them together, you get an original image, perfect for a wall decoration of a room or study.

Features of our puzzles

     The main feature of our puzzles is the material from which they are made. It is a natural hardwood that is durable and retains its unique natural texture. All parts are environmentally friendly, they do not include toxic impurities and do not cause allergic reactions. They can be used by young children without risking causing allergies. Other characteristics of our nature puzzles are:

  • Paintings are made up of uniquely shaped parts. Each part is not just a geometric figure, but a silhouette of a bird, a butterfly, a flower, a star, which, when put together, form a single image.
  • Parts are packed in beautiful boxes, which are also made of natural wood. Thanks to this, Nature jigsaw puzzles are an exquisite gift that can be presented to a loved one, a partner or relative.
  • The sets include durable back panels, thanks to which the puzzles can be fixed to the surface and serve as a beautiful wall panel.

     Nature puzzles are not just a game, but an exciting activity that develops logic and imagination. Both adults and children can solve them together, spending some quality time together as a family.

Paintings from the collection

     There are several sets in the nature puzzles collection:

  • Natural landscapes.
  • Architectural structures – panoramas of New York, the coast of Italy, Sagrada Familia church and others.
  • Exotic plants such as the Japanese sakura.

     All images from the Nature jigsaw puzzles series are distinguished by an original perspective, realistic images, bright colors and thoughtful details. The assembly process is described in detail in the instructions, and there are videos demonstrating the process on the site. Present yourself or your loved ones with an interesting joint leisure activity for a beautiful logic game!

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