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$60 Christmas present

by Ivan Zhadanov 17 Feb 2024

     Christmas is a time to find many gifts for friends, family and colleagues, but often we do not have enough time to choose a good one. However, this is not a reason to buy unnecessary trinkets in a hurry, which will be abandoned in a day. For a reasonable amount, you can pick up a gift that will not leave the recipient indifferent. We offer a few $60 Christmas present ideas; a list of tips on how to find an interesting gift for the most magical holiday.

Where to look for ideas

     To give exactly what a person wants to receive from Santa, it is enough to find out what they spend most of their time on. Here are some sources for inspiration for a $60 Christmas present:

  • Profession. If a person loves his job, then he will be delighted with a gift associated with it. For example, an entrepreneur will gladly accept a ticket to a business training event or a new book on marketing techniques.
  • Hobby. If the recipient is into sports, you can't go wrong by giving them a gift certificate for a sporting goods store.
  • Habits. For example, if a person runs every morning, then a new pair of running shoes will not leave them indifferent.

     Another $60 Christmas present that can be considered universal are gifts related to entertainment and leisure. Give that person dear to you a rich, interesting relaxation - for example, a wooden puzzle from our collection.

Puzzles as a gift

     It would be strange to consider standard cardboard puzzles to be a good Christmas present. But what we offer is something different that will attract even the most sophisticated person:

  • All parts are made of natural sustainable wood.
  • Wooden puzzles are not only interesting and fun, but also a very useful plaything that develops thinking and imagination.
  • Interesting details that are assembled into an original painting, worthy of becoming a part of a house’s interior decor.
  • A stylish box, in which our puzzles are presented, will attract the attention of everyone around and highlight the quality of your gift.

     Wooden puzzles from our company make a great $60 Christmas present. Just choose any set you like from a large assortment of themes and make your loved one's leisure time during the Christmas holidays more exciting and interesting.

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