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by Ivan Zhadanov 06 Feb 2024

 New Zealand is a beautiful and distant country where nature, distant and mysterious, captivates all who look upon it. Our “New Zealand” wooden puzzles offer the chance to dream about a fairy-tale trip to the ends of (Middle) Earth, or recall fond memories of travels past.

3D Puzzle Features

     The main difference between our 3D puzzles and ordinary 2D cardboard puzzles is that introducing an extra dimension allows puzzlers to assemble a textured 3D model (instead of a flat screen-printed picture). When assembled, this puzzle looks like a real map of New Zealand with detailed markings. What else is special about our puzzles?

  • We make our puzzles out of 100% natural wood, an environmentally friendly material;
  • Wood has a uniquely beautiful texture, thanks to which any completed puzzle will be especially stylish;
  • Our puzzles contain no harmful additives, so even small children and people with allergies can join in the fun!

     All of our sets are shipped in stylish wooden boxes. This little element of elegance makes our puzzles an original and thoughtful gift that can be presented to a business partner or company clients, as well as friends and family.

"New Zealand" Puzzle

     All of the puzzles in our "Maps" series come with components that allow you to turn your finished puzzle into a wall-mounted decoration. Our sets include a cardboard base, as well as stickers for affixing pieces to the base and mounting the wooden map to a wall.

     New Zealand is far from the only distant destination in our “Maps” series. You can also choose from other continents or individual countries, as well as maps of the whole world, all of which can be transformed into a piece of stylish decor. We also offer themed sets for puzzlers of any age. Dinosaurs, sports, animals, trains, cars, birds, buildings, ships, flowers, planets, and much more! Mix and match our puzzles to form your own personalized, epic collection!

     All of our sets come with detailed instructions that will walk you through the assembly process. You can also find video guides on our website detailing the puzzle building process, so even first-time puzzlers will quickly master the rules. Check out our selection today to dive into this classically entertaining pastime!

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