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Present for a 7 y.o. boy

by Ivan Zhadanov 08 Feb 2024

Birthday is one of the most adored holidays in every child’s life. Children want to receive gifts of their dreams and spend time with their loved ones. The child’s parents are also looking forward to this day; they need to arrange the party and think over everything well. How to choose a 7yo boy present so that all dreams come true?

What can become a gift for a boy?

     In every toy store, you can now find a great number of different figures, machines, cars, and the like. However, the child is unlikely to be surprised by this. In addition, many of the modern toys don't suit parents due to the danger of use.

     When choosing a 7yo boy present, you should pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Toys should be safe for children. They should be solid and monolithic, as loose parts can enter and block the child’s airway.
  • Toys should not look aggressive, as this factor may affect the child’s mental health.
  • Toys should not cause any allergies.

     The gift should unconditionally appeal to the child. There’s no need to waste money on something your child doesn’t want to play with.

Interesting gifts for a 7-year-old boy

     At the age of 7, children are especially active and inquisitive about everything around them. By this age, motor skills are already sufficiently developed, but children do not have enough diligence. To develop the physical qualities of your boy, you can introduce him to various sports and give him a ball or a scooter. But if you want to contribute to the development of the boy’s thinking, you can give him a puzzle game.

     We offer puzzles that stand out among a wide range of the usual and boring ones. The pieces of our puzzle games are made of wood, so they are durable and easy to use. In our store you can find puzzles from which you can assemble amazing images, as well as volumetric puzzles for assembling various 3D figures. This 7yo boy present will be remembered by your child for a long time.

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