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by Ivan Zhadanov 06 Feb 2024

 The foggy homeland of Sherlock Holmes attracts travelers who value traditions, evening tea, and cultures steeped in history. A “United Kingdom” puzzle would make a truly lovely gift for anyone who dreams of visiting the isle themselves one day, or perhaps already has. After putting all of the pieces together, you can even hang the map up on your wall.

Puzzle Features

     Our “United Kingdom” wooden puzzle is nothing like cardboard counterparts that you may already be familiar with. With our puzzles, you can go beyond a screen-printed image and assemble beautifully textured maps or even whole models that make a spectacular addition to any home collection. After assembly, our puzzles will look just like a real and abundantly detailed map of Great Britain. A bit more on our “United Kingdom” puzzles:

  • They contain no harmful substances and are 100% environmentally friendly;
  • The wood has a rich texture that makes the map into a beautiful interior decoration;
  • Our sets are durable - the finished map will retain its out-of-the-box appearance for years to come;

     Each of our “United Kingdom” puzzles comes in an elegant wooden box. This makes them an excellent gift that can be presented not only to relatives or friends, but also to colleagues, bosses, business partners, and clients. We offer a range of “United Kingdom” puzzles, from simpler sets for children to puzzles requiring adult levels of ingenuity.

"United Kingdom” Puzzles

     All of the puzzles in our "Maps" series come with special components that will help you turned your finished puzzle into a stylish piece of interior decor. The sets include a cardboard base on which the parts are fixed, as well as stickers for mounting the puzzle to a wall.

     All of our “United Kingdom” puzzles are great fun for the whole family, but they are far from the only locale in our "Maps" series. In our catalog, you can find sets for assembling other countries, regions, and continents, as well as world maps made of precious woods, which add an extra sense of luxury as an interior decoration. We also offer thematic sets designed for children and adults across a wide range of difficulty levels. You can choose from dinosaurs, houses, birds, flowers, animals and many other motifs available on our website.

     Each set contains detailed instructions for putting your puzzle together. You can also find videos on our site demonstrating the puzzle building process, so even first-timers will be able to quickly grasp the fundamentals of this classic pastime. Try this stimulating, creative, and relaxing activity out for yourself today!

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