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$100 Christmas present

by Ivan Zhadanov 16 Feb 2024

     $100 is quite a decent amount to choose a good gift for the most important holiday of the year - Christmas. Although, another problem arises: how do you find a present that will delight the recipient amongst the vast variety of offers in stores? We offer a few $100 Christmas present suggestions for any occasion.

How to choose a Christmas gift

     When choosing a Christmas gift, you need to focus on several criteria. This is; the gender of the recipient, the degree of closeness you have with them, their profession, hobbies and age. Of course, a gift for a mom will be radically different from a gift for friends. Here are some $100 Christmas present ideas to help you find a good gift:

  • For a man: an action camera, a barbecue, an eco-fireplace, a cashmere sweater with a Christmas print, a personalized leather diary, a night vision device.
  • For a woman: a dressing room mirror, a jewelry box, an aquarium with goldfish, flower pots with automatic watering, a shower column.
  • For a child: a telephone, a set for growing fir trees, an electric scooter, a flexible keyboard, a book, air hockey.

     In addition to each of these, and other $100 Christmas present ideas would be; logic board games that help you spend time with family and friends, and at the same time develop logical thinking and ingenuity. Among them, for example, wooden puzzles from our collection which are all eco-friendly and made of natural wood.

Features of wooden puzzles

     Common cardboard puzzles known to everyone, upon assembly create a flat picture made up of parts. 3D puzzles are assembled according to the same principle, but the picture is three-dimensional. In some cases, even figurines can be assembled from them to make a varied home collection.

     We offer sets, with many different themes, for both adults and toddlers. Dinosaurs, buildings, plants and animals, intricate machinery, planets; from all our puzzles you can assemble an original home collection of 3D figures. This is not only a great $100 Christmas present, but also an intellectual and yet fun and entertaining activity for the Christmas holidays!

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