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Activities for children and parents at home

by Ivan Zhadanov 20 Feb 2024

     Weekends and holidays are the time the family spends together. It is important to think about what to do with the children so that the activities are useful and interesting. If you think about this creatively, you can come up with a lot of joint activities for the child and their parents. Here we offer some interesting activities for children and parents at home that will definitely captivate all of them.

Ideas for leisure activities with your child

     Weekends can be made interesting and filled with an atmosphere of creativity and imagination. If you do not resort, during this period of time, to study with him, you can come up with activities that are interesting to all family members. Here are some ideas for such activities:

  • Shoot and edit videos.
  • Create an orchestra from non-standard musical instruments.
  • Learn to weave baskets.
  • Draw a genealogical tree of the family.
  • Arrange a karaoke battle.
  • Draw a family wall newspaper.
  • Build a den in the house.
  • Arrange an evening of shadow theater or puppet theater.
  • Draw portraits of all family members.

     Another great idea for spending useful leisure time together is to play board games, for example, by collecting the wooden puzzles that are sold in our store. The catalog contains many sets; from very simple ones for kids to complex ones for adults, involving the assembly of 3D figures.

Features of our puzzles

     These are amazing games that develop a sense of beauty, imagination and logic in the mind of the puzzle solver. The result of the assembly, depending on the selected set, could be a volumetric signature painting, a figure of a car or a motorcycle, intricate machinery, a building or wall map. Features of puzzles:

  • All parts are made from environmentally friendly dense fibreboard.
  • High durability.
  • Safe and hypoallergenic.
  • Signature custom design.
  • A large selection of sets with different themes.

     Wooden puzzles can be made into unique wall panels that will surely become a favorite decoration in a children's room. The very process of assembling them is creative; uniting the family and not allowing the child to get bored.

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