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by Ivan Zhadanov 06 Feb 2024

Building models is an exciting activity for boys of any age, including those who grew up many years ago. For boys, girls, and collectors of all ages, we are proud to present our “Airplane” sets, wooden puzzles that you can put together to create a model of a real airplane.

Features of Wooden Puzzles

     The sets we offer on our online store allow puzzle builders to assemble 3D models as opposed to flat pictures. We have everything from beautiful paintings created to decorate an interior space to figurines that make great toys or additions to a home collection. They all share the following characteristics:

  • 100% eco-friendly pieces made of natural wood;
  • No harmful additives, which means our puzzles are 100% safe for allergy sufferers;
  • A natural wood texture that makes the assembled figures especially stylish;

     All of our sets come in wooden boxes, so they make memorable gifts for any child or adult who is fond of vehicles. Puzzle building is a stimulating activity that teaches patience, develops logical and creative thinking, and sparks interest in the further study of (in this case) airplanes.

Airplane Puzzles

     The first airplane was a complex machine invented back in the 19th century, and our modern-day puzzle is also made up of many parts that pose a challenge for anyone trying to put them all together. Our highly realistic "Airplane" jigsaw puzzle will also give any builder insight into the structure and design of this amazing invention, and delight anyone who appreciates quality historical models.

     That said, our “Airplanes” are not the only jigsaw puzzle in our collection that allows you to assemble realistic models - we have a whole collection of “Auto” and “Moto” puzzles featuring both modern and historic cars and motorcycles as well! Thanks to them, you can collect a whole hangar of different vehicles made from natural wood.

     Assembly is not easy, but every set comes with instructions. Our site also has videos detailing the build process of each puzzle we sell. If you are having a hard time pinning down a favorite, please contact our consultants - they will be happy to help you choose a set that will let your creativity soar!

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