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by Ivan Zhadanov 06 Feb 2024

The alligator is an exotic animal, vicious and aggressive, but in children's cartoons it is usually portrayed as cheerful and funny. With the introduction of our “Alligator” puzzle sets, each child now has the ability to build a highly realistic scaly friend of their own.

What are 3D Puzzles?

     The main difference between 3D puzzles and regular puzzles is that three-dimensional figures that can be played with or stored on a shelf for display purposes. They are also made of wood, which means they distinguish themselves from cardboard puzzles in the following ways:

  • The pieces are large and designed specifically for children;
  • Durability (thanks to the long shelf life of natural wood);
  • Eco-friendliness, 100% devoid of harmful substances;

     The jigsaw puzzles on display in our collection are all produced and shipped in stylish wooden boxes. We offer sets of many different difficulty levels, ranging from simple puzzles for the smallest builders to complicated sets with many smaller parts for older children and adults.

Alligator Puzzles and More

     The set consists of wooden pieces that must be put together to create an exact replica of an alligator, which is a worthy addition to any home collection. The final model is very true to life, and the process of building a 3D puzzle is a blast.

     Both our puzzles and the boxes they come in are produced from 100% natural wood, which makes them an excellent choice of gift. Our collection includes many other furry, feathery, and scaly friends in addition to alligators, so you can easily build a whole zoo in the comfort of your own home! We also offer puzzles featuring original paintings built from uniquely shaped pieces, which can also double as a captivating piece of interior décor.

     We also have exclusive offers such as puzzles where the pieces are pictures of animals (our original design!), or world maps designed to be featured as an interior decoration. Each product page on our website features videos showing how to correctly assemble jigsaw puzzles as well – feel free to check them out to start mastering this classic pastime. Try one of our wooden jigsaw puzzles today for your family, or give a stylish and original gift that promotes the development of patience, imagination and creativity.

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