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by Ivan Zhadanov 06 Feb 2024

Cats are cute pets that can be cuddly and huggable or bear their claws and transform into one of nature’s most cunning predators.  They are regarded as beloved companions and friends all over the world, even if it's hard to tell who really owns who! The wooden “Cat” puzzles on our online store make an excellent gift for anyone whose furry, four-legged friend holds a special place in their heart.

Puzzle Features

     The puzzles in our collection are three-dimensional, which means you can assemble figurines from them as opposed to mundane, flat 2D puzzles. Our products stand out for several reasons, including our use of natural wood for the manufacture of the pieces and packaging.

  • Wood is an environmentally friendly material that is 100% safe, even for people who suffer from allergies - our puzzles contain no harmful additives whatsoever;
  • The durability of the wooden parts means your puzzles can be taken apart and put back together for years to come;
  • The premium wooden box that each puzzle comes in also make our sets stylish and elegant gifts for both children and adults;

     Puzzle building is a classic pastime that helps teach children patience and perseverance, as well as develops their fine motor skills. Our 3D wooden puzzles also offer an easy way to create custom interior decorations.

"Cat” Puzzle

     The “Cat" series features puzzles made of natural wood that can be assembled to reveal a realistic model of this much-loved pet. It is part of a larger collection of jigsaw puzzles on our online store dedicated to animals. Our sets make it easy to build a home "zoo", increase your child's interest in the natural world, and develop their logical thinking.

     We offer a wide variety of other 3D puzzles beyond animals, though. Our store has original puzzles that feature exclusive paintings and uniquely shaped pieces, as well as thematic collections dedicated to buildings, sports, astronomy and much, much more. Yet another collection is dedicated to maps of countries, continents and the world. These map puzzles are designed specifically to serve as stylish wall-mounted pieces in addition to being an engaging educational activity.

     The assembly process differs from that of mundane cardboard puzzles, but a little time is all it takes to master it. You can find videos on our web site that clearly demonstrate the entire puzzle building process from start to finish. Our fun 3D puzzles make a great beginning for a unique home collection that the whole family will enjoy!

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