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Educational board games

by Ivan Zhadanov 08 Feb 2024

 It may seem that with the appearance of computer games, the spread of board games is supposed to become a thing of the past. But we are witnessing how the opposite process is taking place. Their popularity is sustainably growing; even clubs of board gamers come into being, and their members gather to have some meaningful and fun time. The variety of such games is great. Educational board games not only entertain but also develop thinking, diligence, and other skills in children.

What are the benefits of board games?

     Early board games are now referred to as gambling games. During excavations, archaeologists found dice under layers formed at least 5,000 years ago. Backgammon appeared in the 3rd millennium BC and survived to the present day, and domino came into being at the end of the 1st millennium BC.

     Board games have been accompanying us throughout the whole history of humanity, but their popularity boom peaked in the second half of the 20th century. It was exactly at that time when Educational board games appeared — educational games that cover a wide range of themes and are considered not only entertaining but extremely useful in terms of children development, according to the following reasons:

  • They combine play and learning and make for an educational tool.
  • They develop logical thinking, imagination, memory, diligence and ingenuity.
  • They don’t remind children of usual school lessons in any way; learning is taking place in a game form, and for this reason, children don’t reject participation.
  • They allow children to explore the world in a fun and educational way, as well as learn new facts about nature, technologies and other areas.
  • They teach how to interact with each other, work as a team and come up with solutions together.

     Not a single computer game can act so comprehensively and entertain, educate and develop a child's skills; that is why Educational board games are still very much loved by both children and their parents.

Puzzles as an educational board game

     Puzzles are one of the most popular board games intended for both individual and collective use. They develop logic, diligence, ingenuity, and many other skills comprehensively. We do not offer ordinary puzzles, but the ones made of natural wood. All puzzle pieces are strong, durable, and safe for children. The website presents several series, including:

  • animals and birds;
  • plants;
  • astronomical bodies;
  • cars;
  • motorcycles;
  • ships;
  • countries of the world;
  • dinosaurs.

     Wooden puzzles are an excellent set of Educational board games for children and the whole family; puzzle jigsaw can turn into a collective game that unites the family and allows all its members to spend time together engaged in an exciting and useful activity.

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