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Educational family games

by Ivan Zhadanov 15 Feb 2024

     The family time spent together is always short. Parents go to work, children study, grandparents live in a different house, and getting together is never easy. That is why when the whole family gathers together, it turns into a big event that will be even more memorable if you play some Educational family games.

Games to strengthen the family bond

     Family is the backbone in the life of any person. If we are sure that our loved ones are always there, any trials that befall us in life will seem surmountable. Educational family games will help create such a sense of unity. Some of them are suggested here in our selection:

  • A puppet show. There is a job for everyone in this performance – writing a script, making dolls, making a screen, rehearsals.
  • A home shadow theater can be arranged in a similar fashion to the puppet theater.
  • Creating a family tree. This is impossible without the grandparents – the main keepers of the memory of the ancestors of a large family.
  • Create a collage of family photos in beautiful DIY frames.

     Board games with a large number of players can be a good option for spending some quality time together. This is not only fun but also educational, especially for children. Among these Educational family games are wooden jigsaw puzzles that are presented in our store.

Features of our puzzles

     Our puzzles are all made of wood. It is a very fascinating game for the lovers of riddles and brain-teasers of all ages. They can be solved alone or with the whole family and friends.

  • All parts are made of natural wood, and they are totally environmentally friendly.
  • There are no allergic compounds or harmful additives.
  • The service life is very long due to the strength of the wood.
  • They provide many options of unusual, interesting games.

     The puzzles are presented in a natural wood packaging. That makes them an original birthday present not only for a child, but also for an adult. We offer many collections – from assembling original landscapes and cityscapes to creating three-dimensional figures for your collection. Jigsaw puzzles like Educational family games are a great way to spend time together and bring the whole family together!

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