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by Ivan Zhadanov 06 Feb 2024

The frog is an energetic, funny-looking animal that often has a part to play in children's cartoons and comics, and now it can hop its way right into your home collection with our “Frog” puzzle - a wooden model that comes together to produce a bright, three-dimensional figurine.

What Are Wooden Puzzles?

     All of the puzzle pieces are made of wood, a natural material that contains no allergenic impurities or other harmful substances. This means the puzzles are 100% safe for small children. The puzzles in our collection also stand apart thanks to the following features:

  • 3D models that are much more dynamic than their 2D cardboard counterparts;
  • Natural wood boxes that make these sets into wonderful gifts;
  • Wooden pieces that are durable and models that can be put together and taken apart as many times as you’d like;

     Not only children can benefit from the educational nature of puzzles - there are a lot of benefits for adults as well! We offer sets with large pieces for small children that help children learn their shapes, develop fine motor skills, and fuel creative thinking. This classic pastime also requires attention and perseverance from any puzzler, and we also offer more complex puzzles for older children. They consist of a large number of small parts and their assembly requires quite a bit of ingenuity.

"Frog” Puzzle

     The “Frog” series includes several sets that differ in both their level of complexity as well as in the type of finished model. These are bouncing frogs and toads that will help teach your child about the wildlife in their own backyard. We recommend considering our other intellectually stimulating sets as well:

  • Flowers;
  • Animals;
  • Sports;
  • Stars and Astronomy;
  • Buildings;

     Our store also includes puzzle maps of the world and individual countries. They look right at home inside a teenager's room and include everything you need to mount the finished product on the wall, including a thick cardboard base and several sets of stickers. The assembly process is illustrated in detail in videos on our web site. Take a look and start building with your children or even the whole family! Our wooden puzzles also make superb gifts for relatives, friends and anyone who prefers a stimulating, relaxing way to spend their leisure time.

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