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by Ivan Zhadanov 06 Feb 2024

A child learns about the world gradually, starting with the simplest things he or she sees as a part of an everyday routine, both in and out of the house. Trees are a familiar occurrence to practically any youngster, so even the smallest child will be interested in putting together our wooden “Tree” puzzles, which come in a variety of species.

How Our Wooden Puzzles Are Made

     All of the puzzle pieces are made of wood, a natural, eco-friendly material that contains no harmful impurities or allergens. This means our puzzles are 100% safe for small children. Other characteristics of the sets include:

  • Three-dimensional models and figures that can be played with (as opposed to flat cardboard puzzles);
  • A sturdy wooden container, which makes these sets great gifts;
  • Durable pieces and models that can be put together and taken apart again and again;

     Puzzles are an educational activity suitable for children of all ages, and we even offer models featuring several large pieces for the smallest puzzlers. Puzzles help teach children to recognize shapes, develop fine motor skills, and encourage creative thinking. The process of putting a puzzle together also requires patience and perseverance from puzzlers, no matter their age. We also offer more challenging puzzles for older children that contain more small pieces, and putting these sets together calls for a bit more ingenuity and awareness.

"Tree” Puzzle

     The series includes several sets that differ in both their level of complexity as well as the type of tree model. The variety of different trees will help any child learn about the natural world around them, as well as those species native to their home. We can also recommend several sets designed to help boost your child's cognitive capacities:

  • Flowers;
  • Pets;
  • Wild animals;
  • Sport;
  • Stars;
  • Buildings;

     Our store includes puzzle maps of the world and individual countries as well. These map puzzles are a great addition to a teenager's room, and they contain everything you need to mount the finished product on the wall, including a sturdy cardboard base and sticker sets. Videos describing the assembly process in detail can be found on our website. Take a look and start building with your children or even the whole family! Our wooden puzzles also make superb gifts for relatives, friends and anyone who prefers a stimulating, relaxing way to spend their leisure time.

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