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by Ivan Zhadanov 06 Feb 2024

Tyrannosaurs are prehistoric monsters that went extinct millions of years ago, yet they continue to thrill the imaginations of history buffs and children to this day. While our model is similar to the original, our less-than-scary wooden tyrannosaurus will make a spectacular addition to your home collection. You can find it on our online store along with many other large 3D puzzles.

Features of our Wooden Puzzles

     Wooden puzzles are assembled in exactly the same way as cardboard puzzles - by combining the pieces in the proper way, you reveal a final image. There are, however, two things that set them apart from one another. Firstly, our puzzles produce a three-dimensional figure when completed, and not a 2D image. Secondly, all of our “Tyrannosaurus” puzzles are made from natural wood, which means:

  • They're environmentally friendly;
  • They do not contain harmful substances or other impurities;
  • They have a beautiful natural texture;
  • The product will lasts for years when taken care of thanks to the natural strength of the wood;

     The boxes for our “Tyrannosaurus” jigsaw puzzles are also made of wood, which makes them a superb gift. Consider offering a puzzle to a child whose imagination is captivated by dinosaurs, lovers of paleontology and history, or anyone else that is looking for a dynamic and exciting way to spend their leisure time. After all, puzzles are an educational toy that train the imagination, teach patience, and develop logical thinking.

"Tyrannosaurus” Puzzle

     The puzzles from this collection are three-dimensional figures that can be assembled from several wooden pieces. The number of pieces varies from a few (if the puzzle is intended for children) to several dozen (in puzzles designed for adults). In any case, the final product is always a realistic wooden figurine of a prehistoric animal featuring a great deal of detail.

     Our store sells “Tyrannosaurus” puzzles, as well as many other interesting puzzles, from sets featuring various buildings to trains and soccer balls. You can also find wall maps made of expensive woods on our online store, as well as original paintings that can be assembled from uniquely shaped pieces. Each of the puzzles in our collection is an imaginative, atypical and thoughtful gift.

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