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by Ivan Zhadanov 06 Feb 2024

Dinosaurs may have gone extinct long ago, but many of them still play a pivotal role in the plots of films, games, and other elements of pop culture. Consider the classic example of our “Velociraptor” series, which features unique and large wooden puzzles that allow you to assemble a three-dimensional figure of a prehistoric predator that's impressive in its realism but not nearly as scary as the original.

Features of Wooden Puzzles

     The process of assembling wooden puzzles is the same as for cardboard puzzles, as wooden puzzles also consist of pieces that must be combined in the proper way to produce a larger image. However, 3D puzzles go beyond traditional flat pictures and more closely resemble toys or figurines. The materials used in the production of these puzzles distinguish them from their cardboard counterparts:

  • 100% eco-friendly natural wood.
  • The pieces are free from any harmful impurities and allergens;
  • The texture of the pieces is simply stunning;
  • These puzzles have a much longer shelf life;

     Our “Velociraptor” puzzles also come in elegant wooden boxes, which means they both make an exceptional gift as well as offer a great way to spend time with the whole family. Consider offering a puzzle to a child whose imagination is captivated by dinosaurs, lovers of paleontology and history, or anyone else that is looking for a dynamic and exciting way to spend their leisure time. Wooden puzzles aren't simply a great source of family-friendly fun - they're an educational activity that teaches patience and develops the imagination.

"Velociraptor” Puzzle

     The jigsaw puzzles featured in this collection are three-dimensional images of dinosaurs. The number of pieces varies from a few (in puzzles intended for children) to several dozen (in puzzles designed for adults). The finished product is a highly realistic three-dimensional miniature copy of this famous prehistoric predator. We’re sure you’ll appreciate the high level of detail that went into our velociraptor, which features a long tail and a toothy grin.

     You can find many other puzzle sets in our online catalog in addition to our “Velociraptor” puzzles, from festive pieces dedicated to Christmas and New Year’s to model houses of different sizes and shapes. We also offer unique wall maps made from wooden or mirrored pieces that can be mounted on a base, as well as original paintings that can be assembled from uniquely shaped pieces. They make a great contribution to a family’s leisure time or a memorable gift for people of all ages.

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